Monday, March 8, 2010

MAS PRESS - Washington Islamic Academy Student Council Gears up

Washington Islamic Academy Student Council Gears up

Washington’s Islamic Academy has had a busy year this year, with the addition of new students, the school is growing and so are student activities. Coming off a very successful book fair which netted almost $4,000, the student council met last week to discuss the needs of the students.

Student council President Reem Mohamed said the students are really hoping the parents and administration come together to build the children a playground, saying “we really hope they fix the back area, remove some of the pipes, so the kids can have a place to play.” Most of the council members who had been at the since kindergarten really wanted to see the school grow, after school activities was also a major topic. Yasmeen Attia, the 4th grade representative added “we really hope to add after school programs like tutoring.” Other items on the agenda were a quiet study hall, bake sales, and school color days.

Some of the council students were thinking a few years ahead, Osama Mohamed, the secretary of the council ad Ahilla Ghannouchi both envisioned the day when WIA would open its own library and school store insha’Allah.

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